“Such a wonderful place to be with family and friends. Had a great time. Wish we had more.”
Lorena Adams, Virginia

“We have enjoyed the tranquility and beauty of this lovely bay. Our last visit was 28 years ago. We are inspired to come back sooner.”
Harold and Pat Fisher

“We came here to escape the wretched heat and humidity of South Florida and we found paradise! Your home is lovely and the setting is idyllic. Our son Bryan (who loves to cook) fell in love with your well-stocked kitchen and herb garden.”
The Corse family

“Lovely spot on the water. The view from the living room – outstanding!”
Ready – Campbells

“Wonderful place to decompress – our two Golden retrievers thought we booked a 4 Paw resort just for them. Thank you.”
Susan and Pete Fitzgerald

“An amazing week filled with the beauty of this home and the beauty embracing it – the wind – the sun – the water – flowers – trees – grass – sky”
Veila Wood, Ma.

“All of us felt we had found a slice of paradise here at your home. We rarely left the deck as we read, shared conversations that ran deep and wide and laughed. Regular sounds of oooh’s and ahhh’s were heard as one of us caught a glimpse of something beautiful: a particularly stunning cloud formation, a dance of sunlight on the water, a flower bending just so deliberately in the wind, the sky at dusk…..”
Karen Oliveto, San Francisco

“Thank you for your lovely home and grounds. A wonderful 10 days, restful and fun visiting with our Nova Scotia family. Took full advantage of the boats, lobster pot and all of the amenities.”
The Chisholms and Paulsons, Alberta

Absolutely beautiful!! Had a wonderful time – the boys loved it.”
Gary, Tammie, Tyler, Justin and Logan Fisher, Calgary, Alberta

“It has been literally years since I felt so inclined to just sit and relax and enjoy the view.”

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