Lobster season runs from May 1 to June 30 and it’s big part of life in these parts because hundreds of fishermen make their living fishing those lovely little crustaceans. You’ll see brightly coloured lobster boats and trap markers all over the region during this time. This area is also a main attraction for tuna fishing – in fact the largest tuna ever was caught off our shores. You can visit the Tuna Interpretive Centre in Ballantyne’s Cove for the whole scoop. If you want to try your hand at fishing then please contact the St. Mary’s Fishing Association or the local tourism office for more information.


The Antigonish Golf and Country Club is a pretty decent golf course – bring your clubs or rent them on site. Rates are reasonable. Have you ever golfed in a kilt? They do during the Highland Games. If you own a kilt – just bring it. Ya never know laddie.


Each of our properties is equipped with a canoe, life jackets and paddles. The Artist Beach House now has two brand spanking new bright yellow kayaks. Pack a picnic and set out to explore the many beaches within short distances of your abode.

Racquet Sports

We love the free tennis courts right in town beside Columbus Field. It’s never a long wait – if there is one at all – to get one of the two recently refurbished courts. If you prefer squash or racquetball, then head for the StFX sports complex called the Oland Centre. Rates are reasonable and the facilities are good.


Swimming on the beach is the best. The waters are pretty warm because we’re on the Northumberland Strait. The shore could be a little rocky for tender feet so bring some surfer shoes if you have them. Otherwise we have some spare sets for you to use. If you like to do laps at a pool, then the Oland Centre has a large Olympic size pool that allows you to do just that. Check for hours.

Health Clubs

We have a weight bench at the Artists Cottage but if you’re a real enthusiast then you might want to take a day or week pass at Goodlife downtown. They have a great gym that’s not too busy when the students are gone for the summer. There’s also a Curves in town.


The hiking trails in these parts are excellent. The trails all well laid out and maintained. The main ones are called Fairmont Ridge and the Lighthouse Trail. We’ll give you directions.


I love this area best for the beautiful unspoiled sandy beaches. Here’s a list of the ones with names – all within short boating or driving distances:
Dunn’s Beach- large and unpopulated – goes on forever. Wonderful clean sand.
Mahoney’s Beach- A long ismuth provides the entry point from the Antigonish Harbour into the greater George’s Bay
Jimtown Beach- Great for kids – sandy and shallower waters.
Cribben's Beach- By the fishing wharf – its’ an all time favourite
Pomquet Beach– Supervised by life guards – boardwalks - a real traditional type beach for the whole family.
Bayfield Beach- Not Good for swimming because of the rip tide, but great for a long stroll with lots of birds and wildlife.
Maps are available to help you find these beaches.
But then there’s one just outside your front door!


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